Päivi Koivisto-Alanko
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Päivi Koivisto-Alanko

Päivi Koivisto-Alanko passionately read fantasy literature as a child, wanted to specifically become a language historian and ended up as a publisher. Her research training left her with a yearning for science and the dream that she should still try to analyse the world through language. Koivisto-Alanko believes that publishing is easy in theory, but in practice it requires all sorts of challenges.

Päivi Koivisto-Alanko

Päivi Ulla Katariina Koivisto-Alanko
Born August 9, 1969, Helsinki

BA 1993 (English Philology), PhD 2000, University of Helsinki
Erasmus exchange at Cambridge University 1993

Literature translation manager 2001-, Tammi Publishers
Literature translation editor 2001–2011 (Shakespeare project 2003–10), WSOY
PhD candidate 2000–2001, Department of English, University of Helsinki
Lexicographer 1995–2000, WSOY
EU intern 1994, terminology unit, translation services
Research assistant 1993–1994, Department of English, University of Helsinki

Articles on the history of English semantics, dissertation and a camping guide

Salli Journalism Prize for the Shakespeare Project Work Group 2006

Photo: Mika Federley
Written by Päivi Alanko-Koivisto and Tomas Sjöblom (ed.)
Translated by
Joe McVeigh

Publishing is easy in theory: choose good books, publish them and then get them on the shelves at bookstores. Sometimes you do it to get a bestseller, sometimes to make a cultural contribution. Between the two there is always room for popular fiction and thrillers for avid readers.

Doctoral studies…

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From a professional point of view, I dream that reading would become trendy like knitting, cooking or cross-country skiing. Everyone could work a little to make that happen.

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