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Tuija Talvitie

Tuija Kristiina Talvitie
Born August 29, Lapua

Master of Arts (English philology) 1987, University of Helsinki

Executive director 2009–, Crisis Management Initiative (CMI)
Executive director 1997–2009, British Council Finland
Exchanges Officer and Assistant Librarian 2 1987–97, British Council Finland

Board member 2005–, CMI
Steering group member, Counterpoint
Board member 2015­–, Demos Helsinki
Board member Think Tank e2
Delegation member of the University of Helsinki Alumni Association 2015–

Photo: Tuomo Manninen
Written by Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta
Translated by Matthew Billington

My Dream

I dream of the joy of learning and insight. I dream of people’s ability to make the right decisions when things get rough.

The global population is growing exponentially. How will we get along in the future? Where will we find the will and the wisdom to talk to each other and make sure that everyone comes out on top?

The option that we close the door after us and hope that no one comes in and nothing changes clearly does not exist. I dream of having the will and the ability to keep an open mind even regarding things outside my immediate surroundings. I dream of the desire to find and engage in collaboration.

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