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Pirjo Hiidenmaa

Pirjo Anneli Hiidenmaa
Born February 6, 1959, Anttola.

MA 1986 and PhD 1995 (Finnish language), University of Helsinki

Professor of Non-fiction Studies and Non-fiction Writing, University of Helsinki 1.1.2015-

Previously involved in much research, teaching and specialist work (the Institute for the Languages of Finland,  the Academy of Finland and the University of Helsinki). She has also worked as the Director of the Open University of the University of Helsinki and the Palmenia Centre for Continuing Education. Hiidenmaa was Chair of the Finnish Association of Non-fiction Writers (2003-11) and has been President of the European Writers’ Council since 2009.

Publications, research projects and other academic involvement
Research areas: Non-fiction, communicating science, status of non-fiction writing in communication flows, research in text and discourse, textual pragmatics and context analysis

Awards and special achievements:
The Finnish Literature Society Doctoral Dissertation Award in 1995

Photo: Linda Lappalainen
Written by Pirjo Hiidenmaa and Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta (ed.)
Translated by Kaisla Kajava. Revised by John Calton.

My best memories at the University of Helsinki

My best memories at the University are from my early years as a student. The main building of the University was old-fashioned, grand and even a little intimidating for a first-year student. But I soon got used to the lecture rooms and echoing corridors; in particular the fourth floor on the newer Fabiankatu side, where the students of the Finnish language would be when they were not camping out in the student café downstairs.

My doctoral thesis defence was held in the small assembly hall in the main building. Today, my office is right next to it on the very same Castrenianum corridor. Although I have worked in various places, I feel that the most exciting events of my career have all taken place within a hundred square metres of no. 33 Fabianinkatu.

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