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Malin Gustavsson

Malin Johanna Christina Gustavsson
Born May 31, 1978, Hammerland, Åland Islands

Master of Arts (Women’s Studies), 2006, University of Helsinki
Bachelor of Politics (Political Science), 2008, Åbo Akademi

Managing Director, Founder and Owner 2008-, Ekvalita Ltd
Course organiser, 2007-14, Åbo Akademi and University of Helsinki
Equalities Officer, 2010-11, Folkhälsan
Schools project leader, equal opportunities, 2009-10, Folkhälsan
Project Leader, 2007-09, Folkhälsan
Consultant, equality and diversity (self-employed), 2006-2008

Areas of expertise and awards
Developing methods to promote gender equality and diversity
Gender equality as a part of practical daily work
Organisational leadership, development of strategies and work flows
Svenska Kulturfonden (Swedish cultural fund) award for work with children and young people

Photo: Johan Karrento
Written by Malin Gustavsson and Kaija Hartikainen (ed.)
Translated by John Calton

From student life to alumni activity

When Malin Gustavsson arrived from Åbo Akademi University to the University of Helsinki, she had a lot of experience from student life under her belt. She had intended to concentrate on her studies but quickly found herself involved in student activities. Among other things, she became vice-chair of a student association and started organising the Tea Salon, a series of thematic discussions on different topics that is still running. In addition, she was involved in the organisation of the national summer camps for women’s studies and participated in various events organised by the Christina Institute for Women’s Studies.

Malin Gustavsson’s activities at the University did not end when she got her MA. She started to share her ideas and know-how with students as a guest lecturer and as a participant in various panel discussions related to studies, work and careers. Soon she was giving her first course at the University together with a colleague, after which she has added to her teaching credentials by giving courses at Åbo Akademi University, the University of Helsinki and Palmenia Centre for Continuing Education.

For several years after graduating, Malin organised breakfast meet-ups for women’s studies alumni and others interested in equality as well as queer and feminist issues. She was also a member of a Faculty of Arts working group that aimed at developing the University’s working life orientation to match the expectations of professional life.

Photo: Malin Gustavsson.​
Photo: Malin Gustavsson.​


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