Sakari Siltala
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Sakari Siltala

Sakari Siltala, research doctor in Finnish and Nordic history, has researched economics and capitalism through Finnish businesses. The focus of his research has included cooperatives, the forestry industry, trade and the press. Siltala has a further string to his bow, as he works as a publishing editor and sells publishing rights abroad for the publisher Siltala Publishing

Sakari Siltala

Lauri Touko Sakari Siltala
Born October 28, 1984, Helsinki

BA 2008, MA 2010, PhD 2013 (Finnish and Nordic History), University of Helsinki

Siltala Publishing 2008– (publishing editorial work, sales of foreign language publishing rights)
Historian since 2010, contracted historian to the Metsä Group (2010-13), HOK-Elanto (2013-2015), Suomen Kuvalehti (2014-2016)

Research Themes
Economics and capitalism, cooperatives, the forestry industry, cartels and competition laws, trade, the press

Publications, research projects and other scientific activity

Photo: Sakari Siltala
Written by Sakari Siltala and Tero Juutilainen (ed.)
Translated by Matthew Billington

After completing my master’s thesis in cultural history in 2010, I accepted Professor Markku Kuisma’s job offer and delved into business history. As a research assistant, digging through archives and conducting interviews, the topic for my doctoral dissertation came to me.

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