Peter Stadius
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Peter Stadius

Peter Stadius is a historian, cultural scholar and professor of Nordic studies. He has primarily researched descriptions and conceptions of the Nordic countries from outside their borders. Professor Stadius’s research has focused on the period between early modernity and the present day, and in terms of theory he has combined intellectual history with literary studies and cultural geography. As research director of the Centre for Nordic Studies (CENS), he works to create a platform for research in themes related to the Nordic countries. He also wishes to raise new questions and ways of understanding the Nordic countries in a global context.

Peter Stadius

Born January 16, 1970, Turku

Master of Arts 1997, PhD 2005 (history), University of Helsinki

Acting professor of Nordic studies 2013–15, professor 2015–, University of Helsinki
Research director of the Centre for Nordic Studies (CENS) 2013–, University of Helsinki
Acting university lecturer in Nordic studies 2006–13, University of Helsinki
Project secretary for the Zacharias Topelius Skrifter project 2005–06, Society of Swedish Literature in Finland
Acting research associate in Scandinavian history 2000–01, University of Helsinki

Research themes:
The image of the Nordic countries, national and regional stereotypes, Nordic cooperation, minority cultures, the north and south of Europe, the culture of memory

Publications, research projects and other academic activity

Photo: Linda Tammisto / Helsingin yliopisto
Written by Peter Stadius (Tomas Sjöblom, ed.)
Translated by Matthew Billington

In 2014, Professor Peter Stadius founded the research network Mapping North and South in Europe (NASE), which has already resulted in one conference and three workshops. The network is analyses North and South as long-term narrative concepts for ordering European space.

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My best memories from the University concern moments when I've been part of a team of colleagues achieving something collectively. My particular favourite is the third Nordic intellectual history conference for post-graduate students (NIHK), organised by a group of post-graduate students from the Department of History in 2001.

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