Pertti Hietaranta
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Pertti Hietaranta

In his research projects Pertti Hietaranta, professor of English, often seeks to discover why misunderstandings arise—misunderstandings primarily in translation texts but also occasionally in texts produced outside translation. When the external factors affecting a person’s performance are excluded, what are left are information processing skills. Characteristically, they include interpreting texts largely on the basis of one’s own experience and the occasional, sometimes groundless, tendency to trust intuition at the expense of analysis.

Pertti Hietaranta

Born July 14, 1952, Tampere

Master of Arts 1977, University of Tampere, PhD 1984, University of Tampere (English philology) post-doctoral student in linguistics 1978–79, Harvard University

Professor of English (translation) 1998–, University of Helsinki
Assistant professor of English philology 1980–81, University of Tampere
Junior researcher 1981–86, Academy of Finland
Assistant professor of English 1987–98, University of Helsinki
Professor of translation studies 2008–10, United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain, EAU
Visiting professor of English 2015, University of Turin, Italy

Research themes: functional translation studies, cognitive aspects of translation, pragmatics

Publications, research projects and other academic activity

ASLA/Fulbright Scholarship 1978–79, Harvard University

Photo: Pertti Hietaranta
Written by Pertti Hietaranta (Kaija Hartikainen, ed.)
Translated by Matthew Billington