Juha Töyrylä
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Juha Töyrylä

Juha Töyrylä has carried out various tasks on behalf of student organisations for several years. Countless trips to central Europe have thrown Töyrylä into the midst of international student organisations and EU administrative bodies alike. By the same token he has helped export Finnish student politics and culture around the world. Through various projects and partnerships, Töyrylä has been able to build up friendly relations across borders. These days it’s hard to name a European capital that he hasn’t couch-surfed!

Juha Töyrylä

Born 26 October, 1983, Vantaa

Humanities undergraduate (comparative literature), 2004–, University of Helsinki

Secretary-General, the General Assembly of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) 2013-
Chair (eurooppademarit – Tähti ry) 2015–
Secretary for International Affairs 2011-13 (SYL)
Secretary for International Affairs 2010-11, University of Helsinki Student Union
Board member, SYL, 2010 (international educational policy)
Board member, HYY, 2009 (international affairs and tutoring)
Media analyst 2007–08, Esmerk Oy
Supply teacher 2004–08, Sotungin lukio (Sotunki Upper Secondary School)

Photo: SYL
Written by Tero Juutilainen
Translated by John Calton

Prior to his current post as the secretary-general of the Finnish National Union of University Students, Juha Töyrylä has worked for many years in international affairs both in SYL and in HYY. Töyrylä’s rite of passage in international affairs back in 2009 was partly a matter of chance and partly a push by the Helsinki Student Union board negotiations. But with his position of responsibility came an interest in European educational policy, and from then on international affairs have been more or less everyday fare in Töyrylä’s work.

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