Juha Matti Henriksson
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Juha Matti Henriksson

Juha Henriksson first completed a Master of Science (Technology) degree and worked with production execution systems. However, during the last recession he decided to change tack and found his spiritual home at the Department of Musicology at the University of Helsinki. Aside from popularising music research, Dr Henriksson works as the director of the Music Archive JAPA, where the experience gained from his many degrees does nothing to hurt.

Juha Matti Henriksson

Born February 5, 1963, Helsinki

Master of Science (Engineering Physics), Helsinki University of Technology
Master of Arts 1995 and PhD 1998 (Musicology), University of Helsinki

Director 1998, Music Archive JAPA (former Finnish Jazz & Pop Archive)
Part-time teacher, 1995–, Department of Musicology, University of Helsinki
Secretary of the Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology 1995–97
Programmer and ADP designer 1984–1989
Systems architect 1990–92, Siemens Nixdorf

Member of the National Digital Library archive-sector steering group 2015–
Member of the executive committee for the project Training for Audiovisual Preservation in Europe 2004–08
Member of the executive committee of the digitisation project for nationally significant audio recordings.
Member of the doctoral school for folk and popular music 2003–08
Board member 2002-04, the Finnish Popular Music Museum
Chairman of the Finnish Society for Ethnomusicology 1998–2000
Board member of the Finnish Musicological Society 1999–2000
Board member of the Global Music Centre 1998–2000

The Kullervo Linna Foundation’s Ilpo Hakasalo prize for the promotion of popular music

Photo: Tero Juutilainen
Written by Tero Juutilainen
Translated by Matthew Billington

From upper-secondary school, Juha Henriksson headed for Otaniemi and Helsinki University of Technology. Not only was he interested in mathematics and physics, he felt HUT would also offer interesting challenges in putting theory into practice.

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