Jakke Holvas
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Jakke Holvas

Jakke Holvas is a voice of FBC radio, philosopher, writer and prodigious reader of classic literature. He should have become President, but instead became a TV personality who interviewed presidents. Holvas, who enjoys contemplating the philosophy of economics, spends his spare time with his children and, when in Helsinki, goes fishing for zander.

Jakke Holvas

Jakke Mikael Holvas
Born September 16, 1968, Turku

Master of Arts 1996, PhD 2009 (theoretical philosophy), University of Helsinki

FBC morning TV presenter 2011–13
Host of the FBC Radio Finland current affairs programme Ajantasa and FBC Radio 1 morning programme Ykkösaamu 2008–
Journalist for the TV programme T-Klubi 2006-07, Tarinatalo
Columnist 2004-06, Helsingin Sanomat
Journalist, features and Sunday-edition, 2004-06, Helsingin Sanomat

Member of Lektio, a cooperative specialised in organising lectures and producing articles and columns, 2005–

Photo: Jakke Holvas
Written by Jakke Holvas and Tero Juutilainen (ed.)

Translated by Matthew Billington

University got me into the classics. If I read something that isn’t work-related news, it’s almost always the classics. Novelty is a reading criterion I don’t understand, let alone various awards like the Nobel or the Finlandia. There are still plenty of classics I haven’t read. I hunger for them.

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