Barbara "Baba" Lybeck
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Barbara "Baba" Lybeck

Baba Lybeck’s career as a journalist and presenter began in 1985, as soon as she left school, with Helsinki’s Radio City. The journalist in her competed with the budding student of literature throughout her undergraduate years and finally the work as anchor for Channel Four news swept her clean away. On the eve of her fortieth birthday however she returned to the University, a working mum, and completed her Master’s degree. Lybeck gets the strength she needs to cope with the daily grind from triathlons, literature and sailing.

Barbara "Baba" Lybeck

Barbara ”Baba” Lybeck
Born December 26, 1966, Parainen, southwest Finland

Master of Arts (General Literature, Communications and Political Science), University of Helsinki, 2007

Referee, (Finnish) ‘Have I got news for you’ TV panel game, 2010-
Editorial secretary, Puoli Seitsemän, 2009–2012
News reporter and news anchor, (Finnish) Channel Four news, 1998–2009
Presenter, Radio City, MTV3, Finnish Broadcasting Company’s Top 40 music programme and Swedish channel FST’s Bosses Bio, Talking Heads and the Jussi Gala awards 2003–2007

Photo: Mirva Kakko / Otava
Written by Suvi Uotinen
Translated by John Calton

Baba Lybeck’s career as a journalist and presenter began when she left school in 1985. Lybeck applied for a job with Radio City and thought she’d end up doing office work. It came as quite a surprise when someone came to inform her that hey, your programme starts on Sundays…

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Baba Lybeck has been the presenter on the Finnish Broadcasting Company’s version of Have I Got News For You since 2010. Lybeck presides over the show as referee, with team captains Jari Tervo and Stan Saanila keeping her company. Each week the show is joined by two celebrities, typically from…

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Where does Baba Lybeck get the strength to keep up with her busy schedule? The three best leisure activities are:

  1. Sport: marathons and triathlon.
  2. Literature: “I just started a reading circle with some friends. We’re currently reading a Finnish translation of Caitlin Moran’s novel How to build a Girl.”
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