Arvi Lind
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Arvi Lind

Arvi Lind, who is considered Finland’s most trustworthy news anchor, studied Finnish literature and the Finnish language until he took up journalism. He has however preserved a love of language throughout his career and this has made him a popular authority of Finnish.

Arvi Lind

Arvi Kullervo Lind
Born December 21, 1940, Lauritsala

Arts student, Finnish Literature and Finnish Language studies 1962–1965, University of Helsinki

Journalism and mass communication studies 1979–1980, University of Tampere’s Further Education Centre
News translator and subtitler, reporter, anchor 1965–2004, Finnish Broadcasting Company
Member of the Finnish language committee 1991–2003, Institute for the Languages of Finland
Honorary member of the Vyborg Student Association 2013

Photo: Arvi Lind
Written by Heta Muurinen
Translated by Joe McVeigh