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Henry Bacon

George Henry Aslak Bacon
Born December 4, 1957, Helsinki

BA and Phil.lic. 1990 (Theatre Studies), PhD 1994 (Theatre Studies) University of Helsinki

Professor of Film and Television Studies, University of Helsinki (2004-)
Head of Projects, Finnish Film Archives 2003-04
Finnish Film Archives, researcher (1999-2003)
Theatre Studies docent, University of Helsinki  (1995-)
Film and Television Studies programme, Study Co-ordinator (1996-), acting Senior Assistant (1994) and acting Adjunct Professor, University of Oulu’s Arts and Anthropology Department (1995-98).

Bacon has also been a University teacher in the University of Helsinki and the Sibelius Academy, as well as a freelance journalist.

Publications, research projects and other academic activity

Research areas: Audiovisual narratology, film’s relation to other art forms, transnational film history, the appeal of filmic violence, the actor in film, and the history of opera.

Awards and achievements
The State Award for Public Information  2006 for Seitsemäs taide – elokuva ja muut taiteet (’The seventh art. Film and other art forms’)
Knight, First Class, Order of the Lion of Finland (6.12.2007)

Photo: Mika Federley
Authors: Henry Bacon and Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta (ed.).
Translated by John Calton, Mira Apell, Anna-Maria Jukarainen and Henry Bacon. Revised by John Calton.

The University of Helsinki at its most supportive

The administration of university affairs sometimes involve quite a lot of arm-twisting. I have been most fortunate in having dear colleagues and other collaborative partners, who have fully supported me and my academic subject. The beginnings and consolidation of the Film and Television Studies programme would have got nowhere had the Art Studies Department not lent its full support. I am extremely thankful for an unbroken line of supportive heads of department and for the admirably vigorous and loyal office workers.

But the new discipline would never have got off the ground without the students, who worked so hard to have Film and Television Studies included in the University of Helsinki’s academic offering. The mover and shaker was the student union Film Group, which is still active to this day. The determined and dynamic board had great groups supporting it: during the first lectures the large lecture halls were packed out. The Film Group had drawn attention to an anomaly: for all its multidisciplinarity the University of Helsinki did not offer an opportunity to study the twentieth century’s most influential media.

The recognition of the discipline was made possible then thanks to the cultural and social acumen of various interest groups, along with a sense of academic accountability and solidarity. The Academy at its best.

Photo: Henry Bacon​
Photo: Henry Bacon​


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