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Hanna Nurminen

Hanna Kirsti Nurminen
Born May 18, 1955, Helsinki

Master of Arts (Finnish Language), University of Helsinki

Director 2006-, Saari Residence
Farmwife 1982–2013
Assistant officer 1981–1982 and officer 1983–2013, Kone Foundation
Freelance cultural producer 1995–2006
Cultural secretary 1989–1995, municipality of Merimasku

Posts and expert tasks
Member of the Foundation for Finnish Peasant Culture 1988–
Board member of the Kone Foundation 1988–, Vice-chairman 1989–2001, Chairman 2002–
Member of the Arts Council of Southwest Finland 1998-2003 and 2007–2012, Vice-chairman 2007–2009, Chairman May 2002–2003 and 2010–2012
Board member of the Foundation of the Finnish Institute in Athens 2000–2005
Chairman of the KULMA project’s steering group and member of the KULMA team 2003–2005
Board member of The Council of Finnish Foundations 2003–2006
Member of the Arts Council of Finland 2007–2009
Board member of the Turku 2011 Foundation, 2007–2009

Antti prize for local newspapers, Rannikkoseutu
“Meri” cultural award of the Rymättylä and Merimasku Lions 2001
The Regional Council of Southwest Finland’s Aurora medal for cultural work to the benefit of Southwest Finland 2002
Recognition for cultural work from the Arts Council of Southwest Finland 2005
Merimasku Society’s annual prize 2009

Written by Hanna Nurminen
Translated by John Calton

Kone Foundation: a Female Perspective in the World of Foundations

When I began work as chairperson of the board of the Kone Foundation a little over ten years ago, the world of foundations was masculine and conservative. The founding charter of the Council of Finnish Foundations was signed in 2003 by 52 representatives of various Finnish foundations, two of whom were women. The situation has changed since then, as there are a few female board members and managers in many foundations. I believe that the Kone Foundation has shown a pioneering example for equality in foundations; at this moment half the board members are women, as are the executive director and the head of administration.

A strong female perspective has undoubtedly influenced the foundation’s activity. When I followed in my father’s footsteps by taking this job, I consciously strived to be a different chairperson from the kind he was. Together with the other board members, we have developed our working methods to be open, responsive and in a spirit of dialogue. When there is an atmosphere of mutual trust, differences of opinion can be tolerated and intuition can form the basis for decision-making. Kone Foundation takes care of the recipients of its grants, offering personal guidance throughout the application process. Our monthly grant is enough to live on (although not very lavishly). Researchers who receive our grants can also apply flexibly for an extra grant for congress trips and other travel abroad. We organise seminars, networking events and every once in a while cheerful parties for the researchers and artists. Our staff continuously receives positive feedback for their friendly counselling and thorough guidance in any problems our clients’ might have.

Read the story of the Kone Foundation here.

The Kone Foundation board of trustees and executive committee visited Athens in 2014. At the back, Minna Nurminen (board member), Hilkka Salonen (head of administration), Hanna Nurminen, Ilona Herlin (Vice-chairperson) and Maria Lähteenmäki (board member). Photo: Anna Talasniemi.


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