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Ville Vuorela

Ville Tuomas Vuorela
Born November 4, 1973, Espoo.

Bachelor of Arts (English Philology), University of Helsinki
Games Scriptwriting, Professional Diploma, Adulta adult education centre, 2007

Games Design and Scriptwriting Consultant, Burger Games, 2011-
Senior Games Designer, Casual Continent, 2009-10
Narrative Designer, Recoil Games, 2007-8
Senior Games Designer, Rovio Mobile, 2005-6
Games Designer, Sumea/Digital Chocolate, 2004-5
Technical Writer, various employers, 2000-3
Supply Teacher, Espoo Municipal Education Authority, 1996-2000

Golden Dragon Award for role-play, 2005

Written by Tomas Sjöblom
Translated by John Calton

My best memories at the University of Helsinki

I have many memories and most of them are pleasant, but the best ones are of the last courses before graduating. I was a so-called long-form student and was working for a dozen years between the start and end of my studies. When I neared graduation, I had many interesting discussions with both teachers and other students about what would happen after graduating.

If I have learned anything from my work, it is that a humanist often creates their own profession and role in working life. English philology majors are often expected to become teachers, translators and such. Outside of these beaten paths is unbroken snow, but also the wild and wonderful freedom to decide your own destiny and what you want to do. My hope is that this will be told to all those young humanists who fret over the choice of a career.



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