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Tuija Wahlroos

Born June 16, 1968, Kajaani

Master of Arts (art history) 1996, University of Helsinki

Museum Director 2005–, the Gallen-Kallela Museum
Acting Museum Director 2003–05, the Gallen-Kallela Museum
Exhibitions Manager 1998-2003, the Gallen-Kallela Museum
Acting Museum Director 1997–98, the Gallen-Kallela Museum
Exhibitions and project Manager 1995–97, the Gallen-Kallela Museum
Exhibitions secretary 1995, City of Karkkila
Employers during her student years, 1988–94: City of Helsinki, the Design Museum, the Gallen-Kallela Museum, the Retretti Art Centre, Galleria Kateriina, Kainuun Sanomat

Board member 2008–, the Kalevala Society
Board member 2008–,the Union of Academic Museum Employees in Finland

Photo: Markus Wahlroos
Written by Tuija Wahlroos (Riitta-Hurmerinta, ed.)
Translated by Matthew Billington

My best memories from the University of Helsinki

I began my studies at the University of Helsinki in the Autumn of 1988. It was a wonderful time, art history was an immensely exciting subject and student life was lots of fun. Our fresher class grew into an effective and efficient team and an active bunch. Our first Christmas already saw us arranging, by ourselves, a study trip to a Picasso exhibition in Stockholm. We raised money for the trip by selling coffee at the department of art history.

I was also active in Eidos, the art history student organisation, as party organiser, secretary, and treasurer. We knew how to have fun over at the New Student House, but we did do many useful things too. I have particularly fine memories of a two week study trip to Egypt in Spring 1992. Also excursions both in Finland and abroad arranged by the department were a wonderful part of my studies, and even invaluable in coming to grips with the vast field of art history.

Caption: Tuija Wahlroos as freshly graduated Master of Arts (art history) in 1996.

The historical milieu of Senate Square, the Empire style old wing of the University and the department of art history with its copies of classical sculpture on the top floor was a sublime place in which to study. The library was the heart of the department. It was an excellent place to study for exams and to meet fellow students. The dimly lit lecture halls and the low hum of slide projectors lent lectures their unique atmosphere.

I found my minor in a different faculty. My interest in sociology was whetted by the class on the sociology of art offered by the department of art history, with its fascinating assignments. In addition to art history studies, I took a number of other classes, including theatre studies and classical philology. I also took the basic studies in a new subject, museology, as soon as that was offered.

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