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Tommi Uschanov

Tommi Petteri Uschanov
Born March 27, 1975, Kontiolahti

Studies in Theoretical Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Helsinki, 1995–

Non-fiction author, 2008–
Freelance translator and publishing editor, 2002–
Research assistant at the Academy of Finland, 2001–3
Content creator of electronic study material at WSOY, 1999–2001
Assistant at Muutostehdas Oy, 1997–9

Hätä on tarpeen: kulttuuripessimismin nousu 1965–2015 (‘Neediness is needed: The rise of cultural pessimism 1965–2015’ – coming Fall 2015)
Miksi Suomi on Suomi (‘Why Finland is Finland’), Teos 2012
Suuri kaalihuijaus (‘The great cabbage hoax’), Teos 2010
Mikä vasemmistoa vaivaa? (‘What’s the matter with the Left’), Teos 2008
Wittgenstein in Finland: A Bibliography, niin & näin 2003

Photo: Heini Lehväslaiho
Written by Tommi Uschanov and Tero Juutilainen (ed.)
Translated by
Joe McVeigh

My Dream

I dream about returning to the University as a full-time student—to do what I had been doing before I was side-tracked.

I completed my master’s thesis in 2000 and received a good grade for it, and the advanced studies required by my major have also been done for a long time now. Despite this I still do not have my master’s degree because I am still missing the last few credits. I have tried to find the time for them, but so far I haven't had much luck.

When becoming employed put a stop to my studies back in the last decade, I was a typical Finnish pessimist and expected that within a few years there would be a significant decline in my job situation. Then I would make my return, quickly graduate with a master’s degree and start my post-graduate studies. What happened in reality was that the phase in my life which I had intended as temporary is still going on. And in the meantime, even those topics I had planned to use for a possible dissertation have been already used by others.

In recent years I have been writing an article manuscript in English on a slightly different topic. It has started to expand in all sorts of directions and will soon be the length of a short book. At least my friends at the University to whom I have shown it have said that it might one day become my dissertation. Qui vivra verra.

‘The Great Cabbage Hoax: Writings on Social Ignorance’, a book by Tommi Uschanov.​
‘The Great Cabbage Hoax: Writings on Social Ignorance’, a book by Tommi Uschanov.​


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