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Tommi Salomaa

Tommi Juhana Salomaa
Born November 5, 1979, Lahti

Bachelor of arts (musicology), University of Helsinki

Music and sound production and programming 2012–, Saloma Sounds

Clients and partners including:
- Gajatri Studios
- Recoil Games
- ZORG Entertainment/ Aritunes
- Sulake Corporation
- Promentor Solutions
- Fifty-Sixty Software

Collaboration with bands and artists:
- Wankers of the Zoo Crew
- V for Violence
- Anzi Destruction
- Jaani Peuhu
- Ten after Dawn

Photo: Klaudia Weber
Written by Tommi Salomaa (Tomas Sjöblom, ed.)
Translated by Matthew Billington

The MacGyver of Music and Sound

I am insatiably curious, and interested in many things. My musical interests range from classical and contemporary classical music to electronic music, rock, metal and jazz, just to name a few genres. It was the same with my studies, as I experimented with minors until I finally ended up with semiotics and electronic data processing.

Sometimes I regret not having something that is clearly “my thing.” On the other hand, I enjoy facing a variety of challenges and situations that require me to apply a wide range of skills and knowledge, and to make use of whatever methods and tools I have at my disposal, a bit like MacGyver in his day.

Photo by Klaudia Weber


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