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Tommi Salomaa

Tommi Juhana Salomaa
Born November 5, 1979, Lahti

Bachelor of arts (musicology), University of Helsinki

Music and sound production and programming 2012–, Saloma Sounds

Clients and partners including:
- Gajatri Studios
- Recoil Games
- ZORG Entertainment/ Aritunes
- Sulake Corporation
- Promentor Solutions
- Fifty-Sixty Software

Collaboration with bands and artists:
- Wankers of the Zoo Crew
- V for Violence
- Anzi Destruction
- Jaani Peuhu
- Ten after Dawn

Photo: Klaudia Weber
Written by Tommi Salomaa (Tomas Sjöblom, ed.)
Translated by Matthew Billington

Sound Production and Programming

I mainly work on various projects involving music and sound production. These include video games and online language courses as well as collaboration with other artists and bands. This can be the composition, production, recording and arrangement of music, for instance piano and string arrangements for a band, sound effects, recorded singing and musicians, and recording and editing dialogue and vocabulary for a language course.

Depending on the situation, I also do some programming, or more often data processing, such as developing online services, scripting, or inserting sound effects into video games.

Videogame music band Time Flux Invaders performing at the Illuusio seminar in 2014. Photo by Aki Raula.

No two days are ever alike. Sometimes I write a song or edit speech on a computer into the small hours of the morning, sometimes I am at the airport scripting exercises for an online language course. At other times I am at a café with pen and paper, writing music notation for the violin.

I also occasionally perform live, playing the piano and/or keyboard. One example is Time Flux Invaders, a cover band playing video game music. We have performed at video game industry events and seminars.

Of my current artistic projects, the closest to my heart is the 100-Piano Quest: a challenge to play a composition of mine one bar at a time on a hundred different pianos around the world. I keep a video blog on my progress, and the goal is to travel to as many countries as possible. At the end I will put the hundred bars together as a complete piece of music.



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