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Tommi Salomaa

Tommi Juhana Salomaa
Born November 5, 1979, Lahti

Bachelor of arts (musicology), University of Helsinki

Music and sound production and programming 2012–, Saloma Sounds

Clients and partners including:
- Gajatri Studios
- Recoil Games
- ZORG Entertainment/ Aritunes
- Sulake Corporation
- Promentor Solutions
- Fifty-Sixty Software

Collaboration with bands and artists:
- Wankers of the Zoo Crew
- V for Violence
- Anzi Destruction
- Jaani Peuhu
- Ten after Dawn

Photo: Klaudia Weber
Written by Tommi Salomaa (Tomas Sjöblom, ed.)
Translated by Matthew Billington

My Best Memories from the University of Helsinki

The first thing that comes to mind is the unofficial 40th anniversary party for the studio at the Department of Musicology, held in 2002. I had many interesting conversations there, for example with Erkki Kurenniemi, who was the original designer of the studio in the 1960s. Kurenniemi also designed electronic instruments and worked together with such people as M. A. Numminen.

In a way I feel connected to this 1960s underground movement, and I would surely have been part of that scene had I been alive back then. Meeting people in general at the University has been great, and many familiar faces from my student days have later become my collaborators.

Musicology studio at the Topelia building. Photo by Kai Lassfolk.

Studying itself has also left me with many fine memories. I greatly value the humanities: the more you know of different social phenomena, history, art, philosophy and so on, the less black and white the world becomes.

All long-term reasoning, research and artistic expression are of utmost importance. Their benefits cannot be measured in money, but without them we would become brainless zombies with no will of our own.


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