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Thomas Thesleff

Born 31 March, 1951, Helsinki

Master of Arts 1975 (General History), University of Helsinki

Evli Investment Bank, Managing Director 1985–1994, Chairman of the Board, 1994–2006 and Board Member 2006-

Acting lector, Minervaskolan, 1975–1977
Expert, Oy Hackman Ab, 1977–1978
Copywriter, Interplan Oy, 1979
Regional manager (France), Finnfacts ry 1979–1985
Stockbroker, Oy Bensow Ab, 1984–1985

Military rank, Lieutenant (senior grade)
Honours: Knight of the White Rose of Finland, 1st class

Written by Thomas Thesleff and Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta (ed.)
Translated by John Calton.

Evli – A Finnish bank for independently-minded people

Evli Pankki Oy began operations in 1985 as a quartet. At one stage the personnel reached 500, but stabilised at 250, which is what it is in 2015. The firm began stockbroking developing an entire range of financial and capital management services. 2001 was an important year of renewal: the private investment firm Evli securities went from a limited to a publicly-listed bank (Evli Bank Plc), so now formed part of the nationwide financial infrastructure, which brought along new managerial practices and operational models.

– The next significant change happened in 2006, when our founding team recognised that the business was not going smoothly. We took a deliberate decision to step aside from the day-to-day business and invited from within the organisation a generation some ten to 15 years junior to take on executive functions, says Thomas Thesleff.

This tactical move, where the founders stepped back, executive was rearranged and a counterattack in the commercial maelstrom of the times proved to be an effective remedy. The Evli bank got back on its feet. And the fact that Evli has toughed it out since 1985 in challenging market conditions is no coincidence. Thanks to long-term strategy and steady, unforced growth, the Evli bank is the only active, independent firm in the Finnish financial marketplace trading under its original name and with the original partners.

– We have followed different paths. Over the decades we have witnessed calm patches and turbulence, withstood trouble and strife. In an atmosphere of open enterprise we’ve always been able to steer a rather safe course. We’ve pressed ahead in spite of growing competition, tells Thesleff.

‘Evlin tarina’ (‘The story behind Evli’), Evli bank online. In Finnish.



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