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Thomas Thesleff

Born 31 March, 1951, Helsinki

Master of Arts 1975 (General History), University of Helsinki

Evli Investment Bank, Managing Director 1985–1994, Chairman of the Board, 1994–2006 and Board Member 2006-

Acting lector, Minervaskolan, 1975–1977
Expert, Oy Hackman Ab, 1977–1978
Copywriter, Interplan Oy, 1979
Regional manager (France), Finnfacts ry 1979–1985
Stockbroker, Oy Bensow Ab, 1984–1985

Military rank, Lieutenant (senior grade)
Honours: Knight of the White Rose of Finland, 1st class

Written by Thomas Thesleff and Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta (ed.)
Translated by John Calton.

And finally thanks go to..

Thanks to my father’s round the world sail in the square rigger Passat (1948-9), my childhood home was spared talk of war and its associated traumas. Instead we were treated to imaginative and witty works of derring-do, Moominpappa’s adventures and the like, and how life and the world is open to those who dare take the next step.

The outer archipelago.​
The outer archipelago.​

My brave wife Yvonne has stayed faithfully by my side for almost 46 years, ever a source of unbridled encouragement but also good at “reining me in”.

Yvonne Thesleff.​
Yvonne Thesleff.​

My two partner in Evli, Henrik Andersin and Roger Kempe, who made Evli with me, and through that my entire family life to this day possible.

The sailing, which has given me the chance to distance myself from the daily grind. Even in the early days we would direct the boat we happened to have at the time on some new adventure to the archipelago, across the Baltic or around Scotland. The shared memories of these family adventures have strengthened the bonds between us.

The Finnish Institute in Rome, Ville Lante gave me the opportunity to understand the obligations associated with the heritage of the Classical world  and a chance to devote myself to the ideals of the Renaissance and, dare I say, see some of the results.

Villa Lante.​
Villa Lante.​

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