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Terhi Ainiala

Terhi Tuulikki Ainiala
Born July 4, 1967

Master of Arts 1991 and Doctor of Philosophy 1997 (Finnish Language), University of Helsinki.

Finnish language University Lecturer 2012- , University of Helsinki

Researcher, Special Investigator, Head of Research Division, Institute for the Languages of Finland, 1991-2011; Research Assistant, Academy of Finland 1995-97 (on secondment from Institute).
Docent in Finnish Language, 2003-, University of Helsinki

Publications, research projects and other academic activities
Research interests: onomastics, specialising in socio-onomastics and urban place names; slang

Written by Terhi Ainiala and Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta (ed.)
Translated by John Calton

Academic activity

Terhi Ainiala, university lecturer and onomastician is involved in several research projects and a range of other academic activity.

Research projects:

  • Toponymic and archaeological perspectives on Helsinki’s maritime history
  • The strata of a Metropolis: humanistic urban studies
  • In search of a name: conversation analytical and onomastic research on the use of names in conversation
  • Academy of Finland research project 2007–2009: The transformation of the onomastic landscape in sociolinguistically diversifying neighbourhoods of Helsinki
  • Urban toponymy, joint project (Institute for the Languages of Finland, University of Helsinki, University of Tampere , University of Turku, University of Jyväskylä, University of the Eastern Finland), 2001–2003.
  • Toponymic change, joint project (Institute for the Languages of Finland, University of Helsinki, University of Tampere) 1996–1999

Other academic activity

  • Chair, NORNA (Nordiska samarbetskommittén för namnforskning) 2012–2016
  • ICOS (International Council of Onomastic Sciences) board member 2008–2014, member of the terminology working group 2009-
  • Member of editorial advisory board: Namn och bygd, tidskrift för nordisk namnforsking (Nordic onomastic journal; Onomastica Uralica (Finno-Ugrian onomastic journal) Kielikello quarterly.
  • Language evaluation panelist for the Publication Forum 2012-
  • Society for the Study of Finnish, board member 2011-
  • The committee of Folk Culture and Swedish Language, Society of Swedish Literature in Finland: member, 2008-
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