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Suzie Thomas

Suzie Elizabeth Thomas
Born 5th March 1979, Nottingham, United Kingdom.

BA (Hons) Archaeology and Prehistory 2000, University of Sheffield
MA (Heritage Education and Interpretation) 2002, PhD (Heritage Studies) 2009 from Newcastle University

University Lecturer, University of Helsinki (2014–present)
Research Associate 2012–2014, University of Glasgow
Community Archaeology Support Officer 2009–2012, Council for British Archaeology

Research interests
Community Archaeology, Museology, Cultural Heritage and Crime, ‘Alternative’ perspectives on cultural heritage, Voluntarism in museums.

Publications, projects and other scientific activities

Photo: Peter Connelly
Written by Suzie Thomas (Tero Juutilainen, ed.)

Interview by Can You Dig It –blog

Interview by Can You Dig It –blog with Suzie Thomas and her co-editor of Journal of Community Archaeology and Heritage, Carol McDavid.


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