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Sirpa Seppälä

Sirpa Kristiina Seppälä
Born April 3, 1962, Helsinki

Bachelor of Arts, 1996 (Western and Southern Slavic Languages and Cultures), University of Helsinki
Travel guide foundation course 1994, Käpylä Night School
Conference interpretation trainer course 2004, University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education, European Commission interpretation service SCIC.

Several short interpretation courses organised by various organisations
Several courses for travel industry professionals organised by various organisations in Finland and the Czech Republic

Language industry entrepreneur 2004– Sirpukka
Worked as a freelancer in different positions in the language industry 1990–2004

Board member of Helsinki Tourist Guides 1995–1996
Board member of the Finn-Czech Society 2004–2014
Member of the MaPa project

Photo: Kimmo Eskola
Written by Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta
Translated by
Matthew Billington

My Dream

My dreams all relate to my every day, ordinary life. I dream that I will still have my wits about me when I am 90 years old. My politically incorrect dream is never to have to retire. I hope that my mind will stay sharp and my body healthy so I can keep working for a long time yet. The upside of being an entrepreneur is that you do not necessary have to stop working at a certain age. The downside is that, should my health fail me, an entrepreneur’s pension protection is not exactly what it should be.

I often think that I am actually living my dream. What I am doing now for a living is what I hoped to do during my student days. It has been possible for me to do things without having anyone tell me what to do or when. It is wonderful to be your own boss. I also feel privileged to be able to earn a living by doing everything which I enjoy and which brings me a sense of satisfaction.

The scarf and badge of a guide. I hope I will wear them for decades to come.


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