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Sirpa Seppälä

Sirpa Kristiina Seppälä
Born April 3, 1962, Helsinki

Bachelor of Arts, 1996 (Western and Southern Slavic Languages and Cultures), University of Helsinki
Travel guide foundation course 1994, Käpylä Night School
Conference interpretation trainer course 2004, University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education, European Commission interpretation service SCIC.

Several short interpretation courses organised by various organisations
Several courses for travel industry professionals organised by various organisations in Finland and the Czech Republic

Language industry entrepreneur 2004– Sirpukka
Worked as a freelancer in different positions in the language industry 1990–2004

Board member of Helsinki Tourist Guides 1995–1996
Board member of the Finn-Czech Society 2004–2014
Member of the MaPa project

Photo: Kimmo Eskola
Written by Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta
Translated by
Matthew Billington

My Best Memories from the University of Helsinki

My best memories from the University of Helsinki are definitely related to the supportive community atmosphere of our department. Such a small department almost made us feel like we were all one family. We had many social gatherings involving both the students and the faculty.

Visiting lecturers gave the department an international atmosphere. My student years coincided with great upheavals in the Slavic regions, and I feel privileged to have been able to follow them so closely. Both the revolutions of 1989 and the Yugoslav Wars became connected with my everyday life. I remember the Yugoslav Wars in particular as a very sobering event.

The supportive community atmosphere also extended to studying itself. Back in those days there were no individual study plans, but that was what we had in practice. As the world changed, the content of our studies had to change as well, from the theoretical to something more practical. A significant part of that time was in fact spent updating the curriculum, something the students actively participated in.

My years at the University were a very happy, social, active and fun time. That is the reason why I did not even attempt to graduate within any particular timeframe; instead, I just enjoyed my stay as long and thoroughly as possible.

Sirpa Seppälä makes regular visits to meet the new language students at Metsätalo.


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