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Sara Negri

Born January 21, 1967, Padova, Italy.

Master of Science (Mathematics) 1991, PhD 1996, University of Padova.
Docent in Logic 1998, University of Helsinki

Professor of Theoretical Philosophy 2015–, University of Helsinki
Professor-at-Large of the PhD programme in Philosophy of the Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa) 2014–
Fellow of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies 2014–15
Senior Researcher 2012–14, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Helsinki
Academy Research Fellow 2007–12, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Helsinki
Academy Research Fellow 2002–07, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Helsinki
Researcher 1996–2002, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Helsinki
Research Associate1995–96, Dept. of Computing, Imperial College, London

Research themes:
Philosophical logic, proof theory, formal epistemology

Publications, research projects and other academic activity

Awards and special achievements:
Academy Research Project 2006–09
Humboldt Fellowship 2004–05

Photo: Sara Negri's personal archives
Written by Sara Negri (Kaija Hartikainen, ed.)
Revised by Matthew Billington

My best memories at the University of Helsinki

I have had an exceptionally long career as a full-time researcher at the University of Helsinki, from 1996 until 2015. These 19 years have been filled with plenty of different temporary contracts, ranging from research positions in various projects to the more prestigious Research Fellow posts with the Academy of Finland and the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.

In 2007 I was even awarded a second Academy Research Fellowship, something which rarely occurs. Those five years, in particular, counterbalanced in a decisive and productive way the insecurity of temporary jobs: my profile as a researcher was enhances, with many new findings, national and international collaboration, doctoral students, dozens of invitations to present my research abroad and positions of trust in the research community.

At some point I was travelling every week for five consecutive weeks, using the weekends to unpack, re-pack, water the plants at home, and prepare my talk for the next conference. A colleague even expressed concern for the way I was neglecting my extraordinarily supportive family!


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