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Sanna Kaisa Spoof

Sanna Kaisa Spoof (nee Pesälä)
Born 1962, Lahti

Master of Arts (Finno-Ugric ethnology, art history, archaeology) 1987, Licentiate 1992, PhD (Finno-Ugric ethnology) 1998, University of Helsinki
Docent in Finno-Ugric ethnology, University of Helsinki, 2002–

Secretary General, 1 September, 2010–, Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity
Research and Postgraduate Studies Officer 2009–10, Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki
Senior Training Officer 2007–09, Sibelius Academy's continuing education
Secretary general 2001–07, Lahti University Consortium
Research associate 1988–2001, Department of Cultural Studies (the Department of Ethnology until 13 July 1988), University of Helsinki
Researcher 1987, department of research, National Board of Antiquities

Photo: Ruusukuva
Written by Sanna Kaisa Spoof (Tiia Niemelä, ed.)
Translated by Matthew Billington

My dream

I hope that professional and amateur researchers of local, family, and individual history, as well as professional folklorists, could find each other in projects and events recording and utilising local history. Even though not all humanities scholars have found employment in their own field, they could offer their knowledge and skills in a cultural organisation to benefit their former or current home district, just to mention one example. This kind of volunteer work is also social activism at its best.

Map of the industrial heritage of Jokela in the municipality of Tuusula, published by Jokela Brick Factory Tradition Association, at the inspiration of Dr Sanna Kaisa Spoof.


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