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Samu Nyström

Samu Matias Nyström
Born 5 June, 1975, Helsinki.

Master of Arts 2004 and Doctor of Philosophy (Finnish and Nordic History) 2013

Independent scholar, 2013-
Postgraduate, University of Helsinki, 2004–13
Entrepreneur and non-fiction author 2004–
City of Helsinki’s History of Emergency medical service of Helsinki project, researcher, 2004–2005
Finnish Medical Association’s Doctors in Finnish Society project, Project Head, 2007–2010
History of Helsinki’s Rescue Department project, Researcher, 2010
History of Finnish Civil Defence project (SPEK), writer
University of Helsinki’s Historical material, Co-ordinator 2007–2012
Medi-Heli ry’s  (Helicopter Emergency medical service) History of Medi-Heli project, researcher 2013
History of Helsinki’s Finnish Adult Education Centre of the City of Helsinki project, researcher 2013–2014

Research interests
In general: Urban history, history of local administration, history of healthcare, history of education
In particular: Urban communities and urban life during crisis, history of medical profession, history of civil defence and emergency services, history of adult education

Awards and special accomplishments
University of Helsinki’s Koskimies Foundation Award for best Doctoral thesis, 2014

Photo: Pekka Lähteenmäki
Written by Samu Nyström and Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta (ed.)
Translated by John Calton

My best moments in the University

My best moments have been all the encounters I’ve had with various people, which is what University life is really all about. The university is a community of curious and active people who work on interesting things and are passionate about their interests, so something new can be expected from almost every meeting.

Apart from the actual teaching and research, there are the discussions that arise in the break rooms, the gym and at the soirées, with topics ranging from the Finnish national football team's tactics to specific academic problems – and sometimes a heady mix of these, why not.

Professionally, my best moments have been the interdisciplinary meetings where people from different academic fields have been able to find common research interests, and thus new perspectives and ideas – these meetings give you the kind of energy and enthusiasm you need to keep you going.

The most memorable moments are also often the beginnings and endings of the different chapters in one's academic life. Out of these, I’d have to single out two in particular: the arrival of the letter of acceptance and, naturally, the date fixed for the defence of my thesis.

Photo: Pekka Lähteenmäki.​


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