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Sakari Siltala

Lauri Touko Sakari Siltala
Born October 28, 1984, Helsinki

BA 2008, MA 2010, PhD 2013 (Finnish and Nordic History), University of Helsinki

Siltala Publishing 2008– (publishing editorial work, sales of foreign language publishing rights)
Historian since 2010, contracted historian to the Metsä Group (2010-13), HOK-Elanto (2013-2015), Suomen Kuvalehti (2014-2016)

Research Themes
Economics and capitalism, cooperatives, the forestry industry, cartels and competition laws, trade, the press

Publications, research projects and other scientific activity

Photo: Sakari Siltala
Written by Sakari Siltala and Tero Juutilainen (ed.)
Translated by Matthew Billington

Business History Research

After completing my master’s thesis in cultural history in 2010, I accepted Professor Markku Kuisma’s job offer and delved into business history. As a research assistant, digging through archives and conducting interviews, the topic for my doctoral dissertation came to me. My doctoral thesis, completed under the instruction of Kuisma, Niklas Jensen-Eriksen  and docent Teemu Keskisarja, focused on the role of cooperatives in watershed period for Finnish capitalism from the 1980s to the 2000s. It was part of a project responsible for the publication of Paperin painajainen (2014), a book on the history of the Metsäliitto cooperative which I wrote with Kuisma and Keskisarja

The book brought more work in its wake. A research group consisting of Kuisma, Keskisarja, my colleague Anitra Komulainen and myself then wrote the work Kapinallinen kauppa, a history of HOK-Elanto. The project aimed to trace the development and consolidation of the Finnish retail industry, the connections between politics and the market as well as the significance of cooperative retail for the Helsinki region throughout the twentieth century. The book will be published in the autumn of 2015.

At the moment, my research is focused on the hundred-year history of Suomen Kuvalehti from the years 1966-2016. I am studying the role and significance of the journal at important turning points in Finnish history and the media industry. At the same time, I work in the book industry for Siltala publishing in editorial work and in the sale of foreign publishing rights.

Sakari Siltala’s doctoral thesis Puu-Valion nousu ja uho – Murtuva yhteistyökapitalismi ja osuusaate 1982–2004. Cover design: Susanna Appel.


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