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Sakari Pesola

Sakari Lauri Pesola
Born October 4, 1963, Töysä

Master of Arts (Finnish History), 1995, University of Helsinki
Licentiate of Philosophy (Cultural History), 2003, University of Turku

Teacher, History and Civics (Pohjois-Haaga Comprehensive School)
Musician (Kolmas Nainen, Moon Cakes, Luunelonen)

Written by Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta
Translated by John Calton

"It’s always a good idea to offer some salmiakki"

My best moment at the University of Helsinki is definitely when I met my wife for the first time. I don’t want to elaborate on that any further. All I’m going to say is that it’s always a good idea to offer some salmiakki.

Another important memory from my study years is when I got my Master’s degree. At the festival hall in the main building I was still sure that something would go wrong. That someone appears and says that I have out-of-date studies in my degree. Or someone lets out that I never went to lectures. When I had the degree in my hand, I thought that they can’t possibly come take it away from me now, can they?

I felt a little bit sad when I walked from the University with my degree. I realised that I had enjoyed my time at the University and hanging out with friends. But it would have been fun also to study here at the university. Understanding academia as well as further study experience came later when I did a licentiate at the University of Turku.

Family life.​
Family life.​


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