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Sakari Pesola

Sakari Lauri Pesola
Born October 4, 1963, Töysä

Master of Arts (Finnish History), 1995, University of Helsinki
Licentiate of Philosophy (Cultural History), 2003, University of Turku

Teacher, History and Civics (Pohjois-Haaga Comprehensive School)
Musician (Kolmas Nainen, Moon Cakes, Luunelonen)

Written by Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta
Translated by John Calton

“The smell of a muddy forest in spring”

Sakari Pesola has three passions: history, music and orienteering. Sometimes orienteering is tops. Especially in the late spring when there is less teaching and the school year begins to draw to a close.

– It’s not so much your celebration of nature, you know, running knackered with your tongue hanging out in the forest. But in March and April, when you catch that muddy scent of the forest, it’s a great feeling.

Pesola is most drawn to the problem-solving aspect in orienteering, as well as the speculation and technology related to the sport. He regularly takes part in orienteering competitions.

– Last autumn during the Finnish championships there was a huge amount of boletus mushroomsporcini as the Italians call them – in the forest. After the competition I took a bag full of mushrooms home, like all good orienteers. I have also always been interested in maps, cartography and geodesy, which makes orienteering more than just a sport for me.

Photo: Aki Saranen.​
Photo: Aki Saranen.​


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