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Sakari Pesola

Sakari Lauri Pesola
Born October 4, 1963, Töysä

Master of Arts (Finnish History), 1995, University of Helsinki
Licentiate of Philosophy (Cultural History), 2003, University of Turku

Teacher, History and Civics (Pohjois-Haaga Comprehensive School)
Musician (Kolmas Nainen, Moon Cakes, Luunelonen)

Written by Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta
Translated by John Calton

“Kolmas Nainen went to the Finnish championships with a song about men in 1984”



Kolmas Nainen became a bit of a household name (among followers of Finnish music, that is) in 1984 when it took part in the Finnish Rock Championships. The group of mates from Alavusi maintained great co-ordination even under pressure from the competition. The recording is from the Yle Elävä arkisto, ‘living archives’, “Kolmas Nainen: Vanhat äijät” (‘Kolmas Nainen: old guys’) on the TV programme Rokkimestarit 84, November 21, 1984.

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