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Sakari Pesola

Sakari Lauri Pesola
Born October 4, 1963, Töysä

Master of Arts (Finnish History), 1995, University of Helsinki
Licentiate of Philosophy (Cultural History), 2003, University of Turku

Teacher, History and Civics (Pohjois-Haaga Comprehensive School)
Musician (Kolmas Nainen, Moon Cakes, Luunelonen)

Written by Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta
Translated by John Calton

Kolmas Nainen - We are them

The song Me ollaan ne (’We are them’) from the album of the same name from 2013. On the video, you can see that 20-year-olds in their prime have become 50-year-old men, but the sound is still there however many decades have slipped by.


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