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Rosa Liksom

Rosa Liksom (Anni Ylävaara)
Born January 7, 1958, Ylitornio, Finnish Lapland

Master of Arts (main subject Cultural Anthropology; subsidiary subjects incl. ethnology, folk poetry, aesthetics, Art History, Religion, Finnish Literature) University of Helsinki, 1983
Studies in Universities of Moscow and Copenhagen, 1981-1986

Freelance Artist since 1991
Radio Journalist at Radio City and Reporter for City-lehti newspaper, 1989-1993 (programme deviser, interviews: Suomalaisia unelmia [‘Finnish dreams’])
Barworker, Agricultural Labourer, Shop Assistant and Bakery Assistant, Youth Drop-in Centre, Fleamarketeer at Lepakko, Sauna Boss in Freetown Christiania, Denmark; Agricultural Labourer, Shop Assistant

Photo: Pekka Mustonen
Written by Heta Muurinen
Translated by John Calton

Adult Education as a pastime

If Liksom isn’t reading in her spare time, she can be found in the adult education centre. She takes part in two Russian discussion groups – one based on reading newspapers and the other literature.

“I’ve made a start on learning French at adult education classes, although I do understand and speak the language to some extent.”

The talks offered in the adult education centre on current topics are of interest too: Islamic groups, politics of the near East, U.S. foreign policy.

“The adult education centre has kept its finger on the pulse and is quick to tackle topics that are bubbling under or in your face.”

Rosa Liksom. Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Soppakanuuna.​​
Rosa Liksom. Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Soppakanuuna.​​


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