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Pirkko Moisala

Pirkko Marjatta Moisala
Born November 14 1953, Taivalkoski

Masters in Philosophy 1982, Musicology, University of Helsinki
Licentiate in Philosophy 1988, Musicology, University of Helsinki
Doctor of Philosophy 1991, Musicology, University of Turku

Professor of Musicology and Ethnomusicology, University of Helsinki 2008-
Professor of Musicology, University of Turku, 1997 (acting) and 2007-2008; Professor of Musicology, Åbo Akademi University, 1998-2007
Associate Professor, University of Turku, 1990-1997
Researcher, Academy of Finland, 1987-1990
Lecturer in Ethnomusicology, Sibelius Academy, 1984-1987
Acting Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of Helsinki, 1983-1984

Research interests
Socially aware methodology of music research; indigenous peoples, well-being, and music; constructing ethnicity and belonging through music; music examined from the point of view of gender and feminism

Current Research Projects
Deleuzian Music Research (Academy of Finland), 2012–2016
Indigenous Musics and Well-being (Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki), 2011-

Previous Research Projects
Finland Swedishness Constructed Through Music (Swedish Literary Society in Finland), 2007–2011
Feminist Music Research (Academy of Finland), 1998–2002
Finnishness Constructed Through Music (Academy of Finland), 1993–1997

Awards and Special Accomplishments
Silver Medal, World Didac Foundation, 1988
Honorary dedication, Music Museum of Nepal, 2014

Photo: Mika Federley
Written by Pirkko Moisala

Socially-aware Music Research

Music research shapes our understanding of music and the world. Since the research conclusions are always arrived at following a certain methodology, Professor Pirkko Moisala has sought to renew the perspectives and methods of music research. The research also draws attention and prestige to its subject. To this end Moisala often selects her research topics amongst those that have previously been marginalised in musicology and ethnomusicology, such as the music cultures of minorities, women composers and gender in music.

Moisala's current research project “Deleuzian Music Research” (2012-16), which is funded by the Academy of Finland, tries to renew music research through the process philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and his collaborator Felix Guattari. The project approaches music as a verb, ‘to music’, which encompasses the social functions related to producing, performing, experiencing and listening to sound.

The material and the conceptual are equally important, according to the philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari. They also encourage people to think about the relationships between different kinds of forces, ideas and phenomena. The sub-projects in the research project examine encounters between philosophical concepts and various ‘musickings’. The themes of the research project are the affects and materiality of musicking, becoming deaf through music, the concepts created by movement, and the ethico-aesthetics of voice expression,” says Pirkko Moisala.

For more on “Deleuzian Music Research” visit the project's website.

Photo: Mika Federley.​
Photo: Mika Federley.​


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