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Pekka Impiö

Pekka Tapani Impiö
Born December 21, 1965, Ranua

Master of Arts (general history) 1992, University of Helsinki, EU Studies programme 1993, University of Turku, MBA 2002, Helsinki School of Economics

Managing director 2010–, TutorHouse Oy
Management and Strategy consultant, 2005–09, Eera Finland Oy
CEO, 2002–04, Palvelu oy (operated by the Finnish Chambers of Commerce)
Department manager 1998–2001, Finnish Chambers of Commerce
EU expert advisor, 1994–97, Finnish Chambers of Commerce

Photo: Steffi Sjöholm
Written by Pekka Impiö (Olli Siitonen ed.)

Translated by Matthew Billington

My Dream

On the way to the Hanse town of Vistby in the summer of 2015.

I got the sailing bug when I found Görän Shildt’s book Toivematka (‘Dream Journey’) in the municipal library during my days at upper-secondary school. In the book, the author describes sailing from Finland to the Mediterranean through war-torn Europe. The work opened a world to me as a young bookworm that began to germinate. After graduating, boating and sailing became an extremely important part of my life. Sailing has always been a wonderful way for me to get away, particularly from timetabled, fast-paced work, and direct my thoughts to something completely different. At some stage I hope that my wife and I will have the whole summer, around four to five months, to sail around the Baltic Sea and visit, among others, the Baltic Sea Hanse towns one after the other. To date, instead of sailing around the entire Baltic Sea, there has only been enough time to visit individual Hanse towns.

evening comes to the northern Baltic Sea, 2015.


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