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Pekka Impiö

Pekka Tapani Impiö
Born December 21, 1965, Ranua

Master of Arts (general history) 1992, University of Helsinki, EU Studies programme 1993, University of Turku, MBA 2002, Helsinki School of Economics

Managing director 2010–, TutorHouse Oy
Management and Strategy consultant, 2005–09, Eera Finland Oy
CEO, 2002–04, Palvelu oy (operated by the Finnish Chambers of Commerce)
Department manager 1998–2001, Finnish Chambers of Commerce
EU expert advisor, 1994–97, Finnish Chambers of Commerce

Photo: Steffi Sjöholm
Written by Pekka Impiö (Olli Siitonen ed.)

Translated by Matthew Billington

My Best Memories of the University of Helsinki

It is impossible to raise one memory above all others from my student days. The first great experience of university study was meeting and making friends with very different kinds of students. I regularly meet those friends to this day.

Pekka Impiö on the way to his graduation dance with his future wife. Photo: Mr Impiö’s home album

Second, being involved in student organisations was very rewarding, and I have warm memories of my participation. I was an active student subject association member, and I worked for a year as chairman of Kronos, an association of university history students. I also served one term of office on the Representative Council of the Student Union. I would have definitely graduated a couple of years earlier if I had focused solely on studying, but it doesn’t bother me.

Third, I remember the student parties, which in my fresher year were almost every day of the week except Sundays and Mondays. The academic parties that I particularly remember are the annual Student Union party, and the Master’s graduation ceremony, which lasted from Thursday to Sunday morning. There was just time enough to go home and change shirts. I can recommend participating in this to anyone – it was incredibly enjoyable.

“Going to a graduation church service at Helsinki Cathedral after the graduation ceremony” Picture: Mr Impiö’s home album


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