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Paolo Ribaldini

23.9.1986 Mantova, Italy

BA student 2013 - (pop/jazz music), Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
PhD student 2012 - (musicology), University of Helsinki
MA, 2011, music (violin), Mantova Conservatory
MA, 2010, philosophy, Verona University
BA, 2008, philosophy, Verona University

Main lecturer and coordinator, “Heavy Metal music in contemporary history and society” –course, Helsinki Summer School 2015

Research interests: Heavy metal, popular music, music philosophy, music history, music analysis


Black Sabbath and the creation of musical meaning in the Devil’s topos. Proceedings of the international Conference for Music Semiotics, University of Edinburgh, October 2012.
A conference report from the Royal Musical Association Music and Philosophy Study Group 3rd Annual Conference, King’s College (London). Musiikin suunta, 4, 2013.
Classic Heavy Metal and World War I. New Sound, May 2015, ed. prof. Dario Martinelli. University of Belgrade
Heavy Metal vocals. A terminology compendium. Modern Heavy Metal: Markets, Practices and Cultures, ed. Toni-Matti Karjalainen & Kimi Kärki. 2015.

CIMO Finnish Scholarship Government Pool –grant 2013

Photo: Rita Miklán
Written by Paolo Ribaldini (Tiia Niemelä, ed.)

My best memory from the University of Helsinki

My best memory at the University of Helsinki is probably related to the Helsinki Summer School course about heavy metal I lectured and coordinated in August 2015. To put in practice what I had planned was a tough but rewarding experience and seeing it becoming truth was priceless. I had a wonderful class of students more or less as old as me, and being ‘the teacher’ didn’t spoil either the fun of it or the amicable vibe with the group. Furthermore, I had the possibility of structuring the course at freedom and I was pleased I got many and various guest-lecturers to speak during the lectures.

The current employment policy at the University of Helsinki doesn’t make possible to give the course again in 2016, but maybe 2017 will be a more fortunate year. In case I have the possibility to repeat the lectures, I already have many improvements on my mind and the content of the course will certainly be updated. Moreover, I might try to invite even more guests and I promise this time it will be a really high shot…

The heavy metal course participants with W.A.S.P.’s guitarist Douglas Lucek. Photo: Paolo Ribaldini


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