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Päivi Paappanen

Päivi Tuija Inkeri Paappanen
Born May 9, 1965, Haukivuori

Master of Arts (cultural anthropology), University of Helsinki

Publishing Director 2011–, Like Publishing Ltd
Publishing manager 2006–11, Like Publishing Ltd (Like became a subsidiary of Otava Publishing Company on January 1, 2006)
Director of publishing 2004–05, Oy Like Publishing Ltd
Editor in chief 2001–04, Kääntöpiiri (subsidiary of Like)
Publishing editor 2000–04, Oy Like Publishing Ltd
Finnish translator 1997–2000

Photo: Anna Salvatierra
Written by Päivi Paappanen (Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta, ed.)
Translated by Matthew Billington

My best memories from the University of Helsinki

“Aborto libre, gratuito y seguro...” While doing field work in Mexico in Autumn 1995 I was invited to speak at a seminar held by some young local feminists. One of their main themes was women's right to decide on their own body. I gave my speech in Spanish, which I had already been practising daily for two months. Photo: Päivi Paappanen’s private album

My most vivid memories from the university are from Latin American Studies seminars and evening get-togethers. The students all had different majors, but our common interest in Latin America gave our studies a real purpose. At the time there weren't many students or teachers there, and I became friends with many of them. Many of the friendships and acquaintances I made then are still strong today.

My unofficial thesis advisor, Dr Maaria Seppänen, sent me to Guadalajara, Mexico to Outi Hakkarainen. Outi welcomed me and even gave me a place to stay for a couple of nights, although we had never met before. I was of course used to this in my globetrotting days, but in university circles it was a first for me. Outi and I are still friends, and so are our families. Now we are living a short bike ride from each other, but at family gatherings it's always fun to remember that we actually met in Guadalajara.

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