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Päivi Isosaari

Päivi Katariina Isosaari
Born April 15, 1968, Loimaa

Master of Arts (Comparative Literature), 1994, University of Helsinki

Administrative Director, Finnish National Theatre, 2011-
Managing Director, Like Kustannus Oy, Like Publishing Ltd, 2006–11
Editor, Head of Production, Head of Sales, Head of Marketing, Otava Publishing Company Ltd, 1994–2005
Production Assistant, Producer, Lilla Teatern, 1992–94

Written by Päivi Isosaari (Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta, ed.)
Translated by John Calton

My dream

I have no wish for my dream to come true just yet, because it would spell unemployment or early retirement. I dream of life in which I could go to the daytime cinema, art exhibitions or jogging and in the evenings read a book without dozing off after the first page. Nor would there be anything to stop me heading off to the holiday cottage for a week to watch the lake freezing over.

And I would only hope that others have the time and desire to enjoy cultural pursuits. All too often you hear the same complaint about how little spare time there is. Some people’s lives have no place for culture; I believe that makes for a poorer existence.



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