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Niklas Jensen-Eriksen

Born July 22, 1974.

MA (general history) 1998, University of Helsinki; MPSc  (political science) 2008, University of Helsinki; PhD  (economic history) 2004, London School of Economics and Political Science

Professor of Business History, University of Helsinki 2013-
Researcher 1999-2002 and  2003-04 (University of Helsinki), postdoctoral researcher in 2004-08
Special researcher 2008-09 (Finnish National Archives)
Adjunct professor of European history, University of Helsinki 2009-
Postdoctoral researcher 2009-11 (University of Helsinki)
Academy of Finland researcher 2012-13

Publications, research projects and other scientific activity
Research areas: business and economic history of the Cold War period, business/government relations, forest industries, energy industries, cartels, economic regulation, business history of media

Awards and special achievements:
The TUHAT award of the Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki, for publications in 2014

Photo: Mika Federley
Written by: Niklas Jensen Eriksen and Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta (ed.)
Translated by: John Calton

What exactly does a professor of business history do?

What is business history? What does the researcher do in this field? What has Jensen-Eriksen done? Jensen-Eriksen explains all this. (in Finnish.)


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