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Nicklas Wancke

Nicklas Michael Wancke
Born July 18, 1965, Helsinki

BA (English Philology), University of Helsinki

Host of FBC’s Morning News programme (Ylen aamu-tv), 2006-
Director of FBC’s English language news desk, 2000–2005
Reporter on Radio Finland, 1996–2000
Reporter at FBC, 1996-
Co-founder of a translation company, 1990
Tour guide in Egypt, Syria and Singapore, 1988–1990

Written by Nicklas Wancke (Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta, ed.)
Translated by Joe McVeigh

The hedonistic humanist

I confess, I’m lazy. I like good food. When I’m around sweets, I usually eat too much. And I don’t suffer from a bad conscience afterwards. A hedonistic humanist? Harmony and balance, however, must be maintained, so the counterbalance to this hedonism are exercise and work brought about through self-discipline.

Ashtanga yoga, working out at the gym, riding a bike and walking the dog are good ways to clear your mind while also burning a few calories. In my job I need to absorb a lot of new information, so I have to do something physically demanding. At the same time it keeps my mind alert and lets me wake up better each morning to enjoy some more lazy moments – and treats.

FBC Morning News hosts Sari Huovinen and Nicklas Wancke. Photo: FBC Morning News.


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