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Nicklas Wancke

Nicklas Michael Wancke
Born July 18, 1965, Helsinki

BA (English Philology), University of Helsinki

Host of FBC’s Morning News programme (Ylen aamu-tv), 2006-
Director of FBC’s English language news desk, 2000–2005
Reporter on Radio Finland, 1996–2000
Reporter at FBC, 1996-
Co-founder of a translation company, 1990
Tour guide in Egypt, Syria and Singapore, 1988–1990

Written by Nicklas Wancke (Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta, ed.)
Translated by Joe McVeigh

My best memories from the University of Helsinki

When I think about my best memories, one of them stands above the rest: the English lecturer Tim Andrews. He gushed with energy and warmth, and his lectures were captivating and immensely inspiring. Whenever I speak in front of a large audience, I always try to keep in mind how Tim got a bunch of people to enjoy, learn and laugh from even the tears in his eyes.

Tim Andrews also knew how to make the world’s best dry martini. He would invite students to his cottage in the Pellinki Archipelago where he totally enjoyed mixing his huge dry martinis with great conversations.

Tim also had a holiday apartment in Mallorca, in a 17th century building. We used to savour his selection of fine wines there and read poems aloud – and of course we experienced the range of human emotions with our charismatic host, from being moved emotionally to laughing hysterically. A great man and a true humanist!

Nicklas Wancke enjoying a festival.


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