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Mikko Sarjanen

Mikko Heikki Sarjanen
Born January 16, 1975

Undergraduate 1998– (Finnish literature), University of Helsinki

Singer and musician in the band Atomirotta 2014–
Rapper and musician in the band Notkea Rotta 2001–

Storeman, binder, chatterbox, CC Kalenteripalvelu Oy 2001–15

Atomi-rotta discography:
Atomirotta I (LP/CD) 2014

Notkea Rotta discography:
Pöhinää (‘Speed’) (CD-single) 2001
Panokset piippuun, pöhinät pönttöön (‘Ammo in the pipe, speed in the head’)(LP/CD) 2002
Kaupungin Vauhdissa (‘City speed’)(EP) 2004
Itä Meidän (‘Our East’)(LP/CD) 2005
Kontula - Koh Phangan All Night Long (LP/CD) 2007
Notkea Maa (‘Supple land’)(LP/CD) 2010
Notkea Rotta (‘Supple rat’) (LP/CD) 2012

Eastern Helsinki Prize 2012, as a member of the group Notkea Rotta

Photo: Juuso Westerlund
Written by Mikko Sarjanen (Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta, ed.)
Translated by Matthew Billington

My dream

My dream is to preserve my hearing and sight so that I can continue on this incomparable path, which chose me.

There still remains lots of composing, writing and reading; actually it feels as if everything has only just begun. I intend to finish my Master’s thesis just as soon as all this Atomi stuff has levelled off at some point. Actually, working on my Master’s will function as a great intellectual workout and a counterbalance to primitive rock ‘n’ roll. A literary polyphonic suburban symphony has long been brewing in my subconscious, perhaps its turn will come someday. An opera? Why not! Oh yeah, and naturally I want to study Portuguese and learn the basics of Body Popping.


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