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Mari Hatakka

6.10.1968, Helsinki

MA 1998 (major in folkloristics, minors in women’s studies and religious studies), L.Phil 2004 and PhD 2011, University of Helsinki

Director of Development (sales), Lippupiste 2014-
Promotions for artists, editorial staff of the Suomenparhaattapahtumapaikat catalogue 2013-2014
Marketing manager, Flow Festival 2012-2013 (parental leave substitute)
Sales director, Tiketti 2008-2012
Go-go girl for Topi Sorsakoski ja Agents with Tiina Isohanni 1986-1990
Singer in the band Laika & Cosmonauts 1991-1992
Member of the band Fabulettes with Saara Soisalo and Tiina Isohanni 1993-
Member of the band Leningrad Cowboys 1994-2000
Expert on the MTV reality TV show Ensitreffitalttarilla, spring 2015

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Doctoral dissertation

Photo: Antti Kuivalainen
Written by Mari Hatakka and Suvi Uotinen (ed.)
Translated by Olli Silvennoinen

A director of development in ticket sales learns something new every day

My current work as the director of development at Lippupiste is related to all of my previous activities in music and cultural research as well as in ticket sales. I work in an extremely interesting and enthusiastic environment in an international company and collaborate with nearly all of the country’s biggest names in culture.

I feel that in this job I get to learn something new all the time because the needs of these cultural operators can be very diverse. On the other hand, sports, opera, theatre and festivals all have the same goal: to sell as many tickets as possible.

The ticket sales business is fascinating, extremely competitive and continues to develop quickly. It offers something new every day. There is indeed a lot to work on, but mainly I feel I can develop myself. Ever after years and years of studying, the will to learn new things doesn’t seem to be dying out.

In a sense this is already my third career. The first one was on gig tour buses, backrooms and on big and small stages both in Finland and abroad. I worked as a dancer and singer first with Topi Sorsakoski ja Agents and then later with Leningrad Cowboys. In 2000 I began another career phase, this time in the university world when I did my doctoral research.

I hope to still experience a lot during this third career, which I started in 2008, and to learn what there is to learn in the tough business world. Maybe I’m still dreaming of the start of yet a fourth career one day, which would again teach me something new.

At the Flow Festival in Suvilahti, Helsinki 2013. Photo: Tiina Isohanni.​
At the Flow Festival in Suvilahti, Helsinki 2013. Photo: Tiina Isohanni.​


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