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Marco Mäkinen

Born February 11, 1965, Helsinki

MA 1990, University of Helsinki
Executive MBA 1991, Helsinki School of Economics

Vice President 2013–, TBWA Helsinki
CEO 2012–13, TBWA Helsinki
Board member 2012–, Vallila Interior
Managing Director 2007–12, SEK & GREY
Director of Strategy, SEK
Chief Strategy Officer 2000–05, TBWA/PHS
CEO 1999–2000 Ego Taivas Media Lab
CEO 1997–99, AMG Helsinki
Customer manager 1999, Taivas

Bulkista brändiksi - käsikirja kasvuun ja kannattavuuteen (‘From bulk to brand – a handbook for growth and profitability’) Marco Mäkinen, Anja Kahri, Tuomas Kahri, Ossi Ahto. Docendo 2016.
Brändi kulmahuoneeseen! Marco Mäkinen, Anja Kahri, Tuomas Kahri. WSOYpro. Porvoo 2010.
Nokia saga: kertomus yrityksestä ja ihmisistä, jotka muuttivat senI (‘The Nokia saga: a story of the company and the people who changed it’). Gummerus. Jyväskylä, Helsinki 1995.

Written by Tiia Niemelä and Marco Mäkinen
Translated by Matthew Billington

My best memories from the University of Helsinki

My best memories from the University of Helsinki deal with books and with the teachers who encouraged me to read. Esa Saarinen led me to philosophy, Pertti Seppänen to classical Chinese literature, Sara Heinämaa to women’s studies, Outi Nyytäjä to drama.

All through my studies I went about with a book in my hand, even reading while walking, which amused my professor and role model Aarne Kinnunen. Like cunning drug dealers, these legendary teachers turned me into an addict, and even after all these decades, I can still do nothing without a book.

Marco Mäkinen as a young student. Photo: Anu Igoni.


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