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Lieven Ameel

Born 9.11.1978, Hasselt (Belgium)

Doctor of Philosophy 2013 (Finnish Literature, Comparative Literature), University of Helsinki & JLU Giessen (Germany)
Master of Arts 2006 (Finnish Language and Culture), University of Helsinki
Master of Arts 2000 (English and Dutch Philology), University of Ghent

Postdoctoral Researcher 2013–2016, University of Helsinki (funded by the Ella and Georg Ehrnrooth Foundation and the Kone Foundation)
Junior researcher/doctoral student 2008–2013, University of Helsinki, Finnish Literature
Translator and teacher 2001-

Recent publications, projects and other scientific activities
Research interests: City in literature, parkour, narrative planning

Helsinki Literature and the City Network founder and coordinator
Finnish Society for Urban Studies board member

Written by Lieven Ameel (Tomas Sjöblom, ed.)

Parkour & the Beauty of the Concrete City

For several years, I have studied, together with professor Sirpa Tani, parkour – perhaps one of the most fascinating innovative (urban) ways of moving. Our research involved interviews with several practitioners in Finland, and we focused on experiences of urban public space, emotional attachment to space, and the mediatisation of parkour.

Our parkour research is an interesting example of how research can grow in unexpected directions. It started more or less from a footnote in my master’s thesis, and evolved in a project that took several years, produced a number of Finnish and international articles, and is still generating new results. Although it started as a side-project, almost as a sort of hobby project on the side line of my doctoral research, the parkour articles written together with Tani constitute some of my most quoted research. And the things I learned studying parkour have been beneficial in everything I have been doing since, from teaching city in literature courses to examining urban public space.


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