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Lauri Järvilehto

Born July 18, 1977, Helsinki

MA 2007 (Theoretical Philosophy), University of Helsinki
PhD 2011 (Philosophy), University of Jyväkylä

Founder and Chairman (2009-) and CEO (2009–2013) of the Academy of Philosophy
CEO and co-founder of Extended Mind Technologies, 2013–2014
Entrepreneur, composer and musician at Underwater Music, 1997–2009
Producer and composer at Musicmakers, 2001–2002
Conductor at the Swedish Theatre, 2000–2001

The Nature and Function of Intuitive Thought and Decision Making (Springer 2015)
Monenkirjavia kuvitelmia (‘Variously Patterned Fictions’, Tammi 2014)
Hauskan oppimisen vallankumous (‘The revolution of fun learning’, PS-Kustannus 2014)
Upeaa työtä! (‘Great work!’, Tammi 2013)
Tee itsestäsi mestariajattelija (‘Make yourself a master thinker’, Tammi 2012)

He has also published academic articles in peer-reviewed journals and books, as well as expert articles in Parliamentary publications, and popular articles.

Photo: Jani Saajanaho
Written by Lauri Järvilehto (Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta, ed.)
Translated by
Joe McVeigh

My Dream

I dream of a world where, as a rule, every person could experience living a meaningful life. The western world has long been able to support the material needs of people. But that does not lead to the growth of holistic well-being: the struggle to survive has turned into existential anxiety and the psychological indisposition of the western world.

I believe that the good life is found in the normal hustle and bustle of everyday activities, not in the high points of life. At the Academy of Philosophy we have worked with all our strength to improve Finnish working culture. Our dream has been that by 2023 it will be normal to wake up on Monday morning with a heart full of enthusiasm to go to work or school.

Recently, the bulk of my energy has been focused on learning reform. I believe that when the school system is updated for the 21st century and we are able to bring learning into every corner of the world, then we will see a cascade effect on human well-being.

Photo: Lauri Järvilehto's personal archives.​
Photo: Lauri Järvilehto's personal archives.​


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