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Lars-Folke Landgrén

Walter Lars-Folke Landgrén
Born April 18, 1951, Helsinki.

Master of Arts, 1979, Licentiate of Philosophy, 1982, Doctor of Philosophy (Finnish and Nordic History), 1995, Master of Theology, 1996, University of Helsinki
Docent, Finnish and Scandinavian History, University of Helsinki, 1996-

Head of the Department of World Cultures 2010–, University of Helsinki
Vice-dean (with responsibility for societal impact) of the Faculty of Arts 2014–15, University of Helsinki
Head, Renvall Institute (for area and cultural studies) 2004–9, University of Helsinki
University Lecturer (Nordic Studies) 2001–4, Renvall Institute
Head Archivist 1998–2001, Brages Pressarkiv
Acting amanuensis 1995–6, Renvall Institute
Project planner, NOS-H funded research network, ”Nation-building in the North and the Problem of Borders in the Arctic Periphery”, 1993–5
Assistant, Scandinavian History, Renvall Institute, 1992–3, 1996–7

Researcher, Helsingin Graafisen Klub (Helsinki Graphic Club) funded Kirjapainotaito itsenäisessä Suomessa (Book design in independent Finland) project, 1986–92
Researcher and secretary of editorial board, J.V. Snellman’s collected works, 1983–6
Researcher, Academy of Finland-funded project on history of Finnish press, led by Professor Päiviö Tommila, 1980–8

Publications, research projects and other academic activity

Photo: Mika Federley
Written by Lars-Folke Landgrén (Riitta-Ilona Hurmerinta, ed.)
Translated by John Calton

Influential in the scientific community

Lars-Folke Landgrén has been extensively involved in the Finnish scientific community and has been a member of numerous learned societies. He has worked in various positions of trust and specialist roles for three decades in the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland (SLS) and has also led a research group. Currently, Landgrén is the vice chairman of the editorial board of the Zacharius Topelius publishing project. Another project that Landgrén has been involved in which deserves mention is the one which saw the publication of J.V. Snellman’s  collected works.

Since 2001, Landgrén has been with the Swedish Historical Society in Finland as an editor of the academic journal Historisk Tidskrift för Finland. He has been a member of the journal’s editorial board since 1999.

For the last fifteen years, Landgrén has worked in various positions at Suomen Sukututkimusseura (Engl. the Genealogical Society of Finland), which is one of the country’s largest scientific societies. He has been the society’s chairman, a member of its board, worked in its publications division, and on the society’s committee. He is still a member of the editorial board of the society’s academic journal Genos.

Landgrén is also on the publications committee of the Finnish Society of Church History, a member of the Finnish division of the Letterstedt Society, and has been the chairman of the Finnish Association for Scholarly Publishing, as well as working on its board for five years. Anything related to scientific publications and publishing activities in general is close to his heart.


Other academic activities:

  • Swedish Literature in Finland’s history committee – expert member since 1984, committee chairman 1996–2005
  • Renvall Institute Board member 1996–7, 2002–4
  • University of Helsinki Adult Education Centre – member of Swedish language department 1996–2006
  • Helsinki Summer School – Chairman of the Board 2004–5
  • University of Helsinki representative in the Europaeum university network Academic Committee 2004–2009
  • Faculty of the Arts post graduate student selection committee member 2005–9.
  • Institute of International Economic Law Advisory Board member 2005–10
  • University of Helsinki Equality Committee member since 2005, vice chairman 2008–14
  • Ministry of Education’s 2007 anniversary of Mikael Agricola, delegation member 2005–8
  • University of Helsinki Collegium member 2007–9
  • University of Helsinki Confucius Institute Executive Board member since 2007
  • Network for European Studies (NES) Board of Directors member since 2007
  • Open University advisory board member 2007–2009, Open University board of directors deputy member 2010–13
  • University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Arts Council member 2007–9, 2010–13
  • Faculty of Arts post graduate studies committee 2010–13
  • Faculty of Arts Council member since 2010
  • Faculty of Arts Ethics committee member 2010–13
  • Faculty of Arts Social Interaction and Communications Committee member since 2014
  • Faculty of Arts Academic Affairs committee member since 2014
  • Faculty of Arts Social Interaction vice dean 2014–5

Other positions of trust

  • Lutheran Student Christian Movement in Finland secretary and member of the board of directors since 1997
  • Historical Finnish Press Society member 1982–8, chairman 1984–6
  • Brage Society central board deputy member 1998–2000, member 2001
  • Subscription History Centre board deputy member 2000–8
  • Delegation for the promotion of Swedish literature in Finland member since 1998
  • Genealogical Society of Finland board member 2000–5, chairman 2001–2, member of the publication department 2000–8, publications commission member since 2010
  • Finnish Association for Scholarly Publishing board member 2003–9, chairman 2005–9
  • Letterstedt Society, Finnish division member since 2010
  • The Writings of Zacharias Topelius, Society of Swedish Literature in Finland, advisory board member and vice chairman since 2011
  • Finnish Society of Church History publications committee member since 2011

Scientific activities

  • Historisk Tidskrift för Finland, published by the Swedish Historical Society in Finland, editorial board member since 1999, editor-in-chief since 2001
  • Genos, published by the Genealogical Society of Finland, editorial board member since 2006
  • Laboratorium för Folk och Kultur (‘A cultural laboratory for people and culture’, cultural paper published by the Brage Society) editorial member 1999–2014

He has also been invited to be a research member at the Finnish Historical Society and the Genealogical Society of Finland.



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